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Stratford’s motto this season is to play for each other

The Stratford Tigers have had an incredible season so far: an undefeated record and only allowing 7 points the whole year.

They’ll head to Madison on Thursday to play in the WIAA Division 5 State Championship looking for redemption.

After losing in the state championship last season, Stratford’s seniors promised each other a second chance.

“That’s been our goal all season long,” said Max Schwabe, Stratford’s senior quarterback. “We pushed everything else out the door. We didn’t really care about anything, but winning state.”

It’s the extra work they’ve put in that’s led to their success.

“We didn’t have to tell them, ‘hey, you should be in the weight room’,” said Jason Tubbs, Stratford’s head coach. “They were in there. They worked their tails off in the off season throwing passes. Max Schwabe got a little crew going, got guys to come out to go throw some more. They worked their tails off and this is the result of it.”

“We made like a group chat and then on like Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, when we didn’t have anything else going on, at like 7 o’clock we would just throw pass routes and work on our passing stuff and then new run plays that my dad was putting in,” Schwabe said.

All that work has been for each other.

“We’re kinda like a family,” Schwabe said. “We don’t get on each other when we make mistakes, but we also have a lot of expectations for each other. We play for each other. Like if I make a mistake, I don’t feel bad for myself, I feel bad for hurting my teammates.”

“With some of the games we’ve played it’s been like slow games, so we all want to better our stats, so we compete against each other to make tackles and make plays on the ball, so that’s fun.”

Sydney Jones

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