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The University of Wisconsin Stevens Point introduces an eSports team

STEVENS POINT, Wis. (WAOW) — The University of Wisconsin Stevens Point (UWSP) is hopping on the eSports trend as they introduce an eSports team to their University.

“eSports is video game sports essentially, the big ones that we’re going with are league of legends and rocket league,” said Dylon Lyons a Student/Founder of the eSports team at UWSP.

The idea of adding an eSports team at the University was introduced by an area high school, but with the help of students from UWSP, they were able to make it a reality. The first step is tryouts, which UWSP held on Saturday afternoon. Both high school and college students had the opportunity to show off their gaming skills in hopes to take them even farther.

“The importance for the school is recruitment and retention that’s really what we’re going for because it pretty much creates a pipeline from the high schools to the university,” said Lyons.

Once the teams are established Lyons said, “we’re working with other Wisconsin universities to kind of create an in Wisconsin league to run competitions in Wisconsin”

Lyons hopes that in the not so distant future the team can offer scholarship to students, but in the mean time they are focused on recruiting and establishing a team.

If you’re interested getting involved with the university’s eSports team you can contact or contact UWSP directly.

Amanda Lojewski

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