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Local company makes care packages for troops in Afghanistan

PITTSVILLE (WAOW) — Hay Creek Companies, with help from community members, sends care packages to local National Guard battalion deploying to Afghanistan.

The project, spearheaded by employees, is part of a program at Hay Creek where workers engage in community-oriented projects four times a year.

The idea of sending care packages came from employees who have served overseas who know the impact of sending items most people take for granted.

“MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) become old after a while. It’s not something you want to eat all the time, so getting that snack and that can of ravioli, it’s just that taste of home,” said Hay Creek Logistics Manager Kevin Krohn. Krohn is also a veteran.

The veterans working at Hay Creek gave input on what to send, receiving donations from local businesses and community members.

Local elementary students also make cards to go along with the items.

Chase McNamara

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