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Athlete of the week: Abbotsford’s Dalton Feddick

Abbotsford’s quarterback Dalton Feddick has rushed for over 2,000 yards and 23 touchdowns so far this season.

“Honestly, I didn’t even realize I had that many yards,” said Feddick.

However, Feddick’s success starts upfront, with his line and the solid blocking they’ve given him throughout the year.

“I told him the other day I feel like our offensive line really likes blocking for him,” said  Chase Sperl, one of Feddick’s offensive lineman. “It’s just that we love opening up holes for him and seeing him score TD’s. I mean, it’s awesome.”

Feddick is not only a talented player on the field, but an impressive leader to his team.

“He’s a huge part of this team,” said Sperl.

“He’s been leading since he didn’t even know he was. He’s been leading since sophomore year, junior year. He’s always been a big leader on this team because he puts in that work and everyone can look up to him.”

“For him to take that step vocally and have guys trust him (is important),” said Abbotsford’s Head Coach Jake Knapmiller. “He will say the right thing or bring that energy at the right time this year is what we are seeing the difference in.”

As a senior, Feddick is looking ahead to his future and while football isn’t out of the picture, he’s been thinking about another option.

“The most recent adventure he’s talked about is going the military direction,” said Knapmiller. “He really thinks about it a lot. You can tell it bugs him. He wants to make the right decision. The message is whatever the decision is is the right decision.”

“My mom was in the army and both my uncles were also in the Army,” said Feddick. “My cousin is in the Navy and right now he’s stationed in San Diego, so that sounds pretty nice.”

Feddick will lead his team against Regis this Friday at 7 P.M. in Chippewa Falls with the winner going to the state championship game.

Alex Stewart

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