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44th Anniversary of the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald

November 10th will always be a sad day in Great Lakes history.  As you probably know it is the anniversary of the sinking of the mighty ore carrier, the Edmund Fitzgerald in eastern Lake Superior. It is a well documented story and that includes the weather conditions that caused the catastrophe which claimed all 29 crew members on November 10th, 1975.

If you are interested in really digging in to what unfolded, please check out this excellent article with detailed graphics from the National Weather Service in Marquette, Michigan.  It will also show you all the great advances in marine forecasting that have taken place since this major tragedy 44 years ago.

Hopefully, this sort of disaster can be prevented in the future.

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Tony Schumacher

Lead Evening Meteorologist at WAOW-TV and Chief Meteorologist / Owner of Great Lakes Weather Service, LLC. A Wisconsin native with over 25 years experience in weather forecasting and broadcast.

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