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Portage Co. one of the worst in state for binge drinking

(WAOW) — A report from the UW Population Health Institute shows binge drinking continues to be a problem in Wisconsin. According to the report, the annual impact of binge drinking throughout the state is nearly $4 billion.

Portage County has one of the worst rates in the state for binge drinking episodes, double the national average. That costs the county about $60 million each year, which adds up to $847 per person.

The personal costs of binge drinking are also high.

“All of the sudden dad can’t drive to work… a lot of people lose their jobs because of it or can’t get better jobs because they’re not mobile enough. Plus what it does to families financially and to relationships,” said Substance Abuse Counselor Curtis Mallow.

In 2018 Portage County had 19 alcohol related deaths and over 700 alcohol related hospitalizations.

Sarah McGrew

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