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Judge: ‘Dumpster Puppies’ man must repay shelter

MARSHFIELD, Wis. (WAOW) – The Marshfield man found guilty of throwing newborn puppies in a dumpster is being forced to pay up.

In a court hearing today, the judge ordered that Robert Wild pay $5,018.95 in restitution to the Marshfield Area Pet Shelter for costs incurred caring for the puppies.

Specifically, according to court documents, the costs primarily came from the form of overtime or “staff hours.”

This doesn’t account for the nearly $18,000 in donations the shelter received in the weeks following the puppies’ discovery.

Wild faced two counts of Intentionally Mistreating Animals which, at the time, was a misdemeanor offense. In a plea deal, he plead no contest to one of the charges and had the second dropped, and was subsequently found guilty.




Mason Dowling

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