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Medford hunter is first woman to bag elk in Wisconsin

(WAOW) — Lydia Pernsteiner was one of 10 people in Wisconsin to receive an elk tag this year. During the weekend before Halloween, she became the first woman to bag an elk in the state.

“I think anybody can do it, I mean it’s not different than any of the guys out there,” Pernsteiner said. “Definitely one of the best hunts I’ve probably ever been on. It was awesome.”

The elk population was reintroduced to the Clam Lake area in the 90’s. Just last year the a hunt was reinstated through a lottery program.

“Never in a million years I thought I’d win something like that,” Pernsteiner said about her being one of the few to get a tag.

The DNR expects the elk population will continue to grow, providing more opportunities for Wisconsinites in the future. But right now, it’s a once in a lifetime experience for people like Pernsteiner.

Sarah McGrew

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