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Newman girls volleyball heads to eighth straight state tournament

The Newman Catholic High School girls volleyball team is back in the WIAA state tournament for it’s eighth straight season.

“You get down there and everyone is really good,” Newman Head Coach Betty Lange said. “Anything can happen at this time of the year, so we’ll work hard. We’ll keep working hard.”

It’s the Cardinals twelve appearance overall and eleven of those twelve appearances were led by head coach Betty Lange.

“I’m feeling incredibly blessed because not many people get to do that and it’s really because of the people that I’m around,” Lange said. “The players, the coaching staff, and the people that work hard to make things happen like that.”

“She’s been pushing us throughout the whole season,” said Lauren Shields, a Newman senior. “From when I walked in the gym freshman year to now, and I know the group of seniors would agree with me, she’s kept the same things going. The same mindset. The same attitude. I think that’s really brought us to where we are today.”

Lange has led the Cardinals to four straight state titles starting 2013. However, this season stands out to her.

“All the obstacles we had in the beginning: injuries and illnesses,” Lange said. “We just were never where we needed to be. Different lineup, different lineup all of the time. The kids could have got really frustrated and could have gave up.”

That’s what makes it even more special though.

“There were a lot of people that didn’t think we were going to be at the point where we could be a qualifier for the state tournament, so for them I am so happy for that,” Lange said.

Sydney Jones

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