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Downtown Wausau parking gets a modern makeover

WAUSAU (WAOW) — Downtown Wausau parking is receiving big changes in an attempt to modernize and improve enforcement.

Starting Friday, parking in downtown Wausau will be free in all public areas for the first two hours, with ramps and lots receiving pay stations for longer stays.

The pay stations track vehicles by their license plate number, and can be paid for remotely using the ‘Passport Parking’ application on your smartphone.

The Passport app can store your vehicles and payment information to conveniently add time if needed, although use of the app does charge a fee on top of parking costs.

Pay stations and use of the Passport app works in all public lots and ramps downtown, replacing old meters.

“Parking meters were very old fashioned; they’ve actually become somewhat obsolete…it is time to retire the meters,” said Maryanne Groat, Wausau finance director.

Another major change is the new re-parking rules not allowing you to park on the same block for more than two hours.

“They need to either cross an intersection or turn a corner, and then they would be in compliance and be able to park again,” said Groat.

The new changes are geared toward making parking for those visiting easier, according to city officials.

Chase McNamara

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