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Woodson Art Museum ‘Produced in Produce & Worked with Wire’

Tom Hill Artist Residency, Nov. 5-10

San Francisco-based sculptor Tom Hill’s memorable Birds in Art artworks feature character-filled and expressive subjects depicted in wire.

During his residency, Tom works with area students to create distinct sculptures featuring produce as body-form bases and the foundation for their mixed- media artworks.

Inspired by the playful and unlimited mix-and-match design potential of Mr. Potato Head, Tom demonstrates how everyday items, even ephemeral ones, are compelling sources of inspiration ripe for incorporation into art making.

See the students’ produce-based creations via photographs on view following the residency. Tom also leads an interactive Art 101 program and a two-day wire sculpting workshop for teens and adults.

Formed, Found & Fanciful Sculpture Nov. 7 Thursday 5:30 – 6:30 pm

Artist Tom Hill describes his creative process of translating dynamic, minimal line drawings into three-dimensional wire sculptures.

Learn how he takes inspiration from everyday objects and incorporates other materials into his sculpture.

Josh Gregory

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