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Halloween safety tips

WAUSAU, Wis. (WAOW) — It’s easy to get caught up in the spell of All Hallow’s Eve, so here’s a few reminders from Wausau P.D.

“Always walk in groups. Don’t go out walking around by yourself especially as it gets a little later in the dark,” said Wausau police officer Mason Hagenbucher:

For younger ghouls, trick or treating with mom and dad is always cool.

“Under the age of 12 or 11, always have a parent with. or especially if you’re going to be out in big groups have one or two parents with,” said Officer Hagenbucher.

Of course we all want our pumpkins up to par, but be careful not to get a scar. Nearly half of Halloween injuries are related to pumpkin carving gone to far.

So, it’s suggested adults make the cuts, while kids scoop out the guts. And an open flame in your pumpkin can be a fright, so use a battery operated light.

And on the spookiest of nights, don’t forget to take care of your sight.

“Make up is generally going to be better than masks, because it’s less likely to impede your vision,” said Dr. Eric Rogers, the Marshfield Medical Center Emergency Department Director.

When it comes to spooky eyes, you might want to let contacts pass by.

“If it’s not FDA approved, the material could be extraordinarily allergic or even toxic to the eye,” said Mathew Aschbrenner with the Wisconsin Eye Clinic ”

Remember to have fun, but don’t lose your focus because it’s more than just a bunch of hocus pocus.

Sarah McGrew

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