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A new bathroom for everyone

RHINELANDER, Wis. (WAOW) — Rhinelander High School installed new stalls in October, making what was a men’s bathroom gender-neutral.

The director of learning support, Maggie Peterson, said more students at the school have been coming out as transgender or gender expansive. “So we started having discussions about what policies and practices… We need to examine so that we can better meet their needs,” she said.

About a year later, they installed the gender-neutral bathroom. Instead of a single person bathroom, it has floor-to-ceiling stalls. “This was a very cost-effective way to do it,” she said. “All we had to do was swap out the stalls.”

Sam Stevens, a transgender male in Wausau, said an easily accessible gender-neutral bathroom makes a big difference. “If I go into the bathroom and there are other students in there, then I have to go all the way down to the first floor and use the nurses bathroom,” he said sometimes that makes him late to class. So, he’s happy to see the change in Rhinelander.

All students are able to use the new bathroom at Rhinelander High School.

Bridget Kosier, junior at Rhinelander High School, said she has friends at school that identify as trans or gender expansive. “It’s really cool to see… since I know these people, for them to get opportunities that they deserve,” she said.

The bathroom was redone in October.

Tom Lally

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