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Phone app alerts you when there is alarming content on your child’s phone

(WAOW) — A virtual dashboard lets you keep your eyes on your child’s phone, even when they aren’t with you.

Seeing your child’s eyes glued to the screen is a sight parents see all too often.

“Why are we giving them access to something without a safety net?” asked Lee Shipway, executive director of Peaceful Solutions Counseling.

This is where the Bark app comes in.

For an iPhone, Bark analyzes messages, Google searches and pictures. Then, through IOS, it backs up that information through your child’s device.

For Android users, there is an app that you could download to use.

“Apps that allow parents to be able to monitor their kids usage of internet or what they are texting can be helpful, especially when it comes to safety issues,” Shipway said.

Every time there is potentially alarming content, you get an alert on your phone. For example, if your child searches how to go act on their suicidal thoughts, you will know right away.

Shipway has been a counselor for almost 40 years, and says you should talk to your child right away if you get concerning alerts.

Shipway said to bring the topic out in the opening by saying “Honey, I want to talk to you about something that may be difficult, but I am worried about you.”

Area moms are also thankful for a tool like Bark App being available.

“I think it’s an amazing opportunity for parents to keep an eye on our children, not only behind closed doors but behind closed screens,” said Morgan Ammel a Weston mom.

Shipway said this will help parents know if their child is being bullied either at school or online — even if they don’t approach you about it.

For more information on how to download the app you can click here.

Victoria Saha

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