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Police: Man shot himself, 4-year-old daughter

After telling several versions of what happened, the father of a 4-year-old girl, who police said found a gun and accidentally shot herself and him, admitted that he did it, according to the criminal complaint.

Police said while at Children’s Hospital on Oct. 20, Myles Kovac told them two different versions of how he and his daughter were shot at North 45th Street and West Hampton and then at 44th and Burleigh streets.

Police found no evidence of a shooting at either scene.

When police visited Kovac’s last-known address, 3648 S. 61st Street, they did an investigative walk-through and saw some trace blood evidence on the floor of the living room near the couch and west wall. A small hole was seen in the wall about 3 feet off of the floor. In the kitchen, there was a mop and mop bucket, the complaint says.

The girl’s brother told police he overheard Kovac tell his aunt that the girl was playing with his gun, and it shot the both he and the girl, the complaint says.

When the girl was questioned by police, she also told several versions of what happened, the complaint says, including, “I shot the trigger on my daddy’s gun.”

Eventually, during one his interviews with police, Kovac said, “I f***** up. I did it.”

Kovac would not reveal where the gun was, indicating that it was “gone, long gone,” the complaint says.

Kovac is charged with neglecting a child, possession of a firearm by a felon and obstructing an officer.

Once he learned the charges he was facing, Kovac attempted to change his story again, the complaint says.

The girl had a gunshot wound to her left foot. Kovac was treated for a graze wound to his left buttocks.

Courtney Terlecki

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