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As Packers keep winning, ticket demand rises

ASHWAUBENON, Wis (WBAY) If you’re thinking of buying tickets for one of the Packers final three home games, you might want to do it now.

As the Packers pile up wins demand for tickets continues to rise.

Another “Victory Monday” is especially sweet for those in the business of selling Packers tickets.

“It’s been great this morning, we’ve actually had a lot of people calling to look to buy some Panthers tickets and looking ahead to the Bears games as well,” says Travis Loftus, manager of Ticket King in Ashwaubenon.

It’s a much different mood than brokers experienced at the start of the season.

“Any time of course where you have a head coach being fired in the middle of the season and then a couple years of losing seasons, things like that, that’s going to have an impact,” says Event USA Operations Manager Eran Roth.

“Winning always brings a lot of excitement, it brings people to the stadium and I don’t think a lot of people expected them to be 6-1 at this point,” adds Loftus.

The Packers hot start is also leaving more fans eager to pack their travel bags.

“We are also seeing an upward trend in sales of road packages, which is what we do, and we have some great, we have Kansas City which is a great destination, we have San Francisco which is a great destination, so as the team is doing well and these places are desirable, it works out,” says Roth.

As ticket demand increases, so do prices.

With the Packers on a roll and only three home games left, the advice is to make a move now.

“If you’re looking to buy, I would act now rather than later because if they just continue to win, the prices are going to continue to go up and the demand is going to be there and less tickets available. It’s been a good 2 1/2-3 years since we’ve been able to say we’re a playoff contender, and it’s been good for business, it’s been good for the community and hopefully they can keep going,” says Loftus.

Courtney Terlecki

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