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Week 1 of Portage Co. murder trial wraps up

Portage Co. (WAOW) — Week 1 of a Portage Co. murder trial wrapped up Friday.

Jason Sypher is on trial for allegedly killing his wife Krista in 2017. Her body has never been found.

A K-9 handler took the stand Friday detailing what he says the dog found inside the Sypher’s home.

Jason Baumgart, A K-9 handler with the Madison Police Department, says the dog is trained to detect the odor of human decomposition.

He says the black lab has a 97 percent success rate and is only trained on looking for large amounts of human decomposition, not just blood droplets.

Baumgart says the dog jumped into the upstairs bathroom.

“He’s spinning quickly in the bathtub trying to find odor and moves directly to the drain of the shower,” says Baumgart. “He then plunges his nose into the drain hole as close as he can get it and inhales deeply almost a snort as he does so in that shower drain.”

Baumgart says the dog alerted to areas in the bed of a Ford pick-up truck, the kitchen sink and cabinets which contained cleaning products. He says decomposition can easily be transferred from someone’s hands.

In court Friday, the defense says as there has been no physical evidence found the dog does have a three percent chance of being wrong.

The trial will continue the next week with the prosecution calling more witnesses.

Courtney Terlecki

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