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Aspirus Wausau Hospital implements solar power technology

WAUSAU, Wis. (WAOW) — To kick off another Aspirus sustainability initiative, Aspirus leaders and community partners held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the addition of 566 solar panels at the Wausau campus.

“We’re up and running right now,” said Aspirus System Director of Sustainability Ali Wolf.

The power generated will offset the annual energy used by the hospital but these solar panels are just a small piece to an even bigger effort to reduce Aspirus System’s carbon footprint.

“We are greening the OR[operating room] by the amount of supplies we throw away in the OR and the types of supplies that we’re using in the OR,” said Sid Sczygelski, Aspirus Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. “We have a pond pumping system right now where all the irrigation for the entire campus is coming through our run off ponds rather than through city water.”

Aspirus Wausau Hospital was a good candidate for solar panels because of the space available but the going green won’t stop here.

“Our goal over three years is to reduce our energy use by 30 percent over five years by 50 percent and over 10 years 80 percent, it’s a long term process that we put in place to really drive down our energy usage,” said Sczygelski.

Amanda Lojewski

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