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Republican legislators push Gov. Tony Evers to announce special election date

MADISON, Wis. (WAOW) – Members of the Republican assembly are calling for action trying to persuade Governor Tony Evers to make a decision on a date for the special election.

A letter was signed by 17 Republicans from across the state and sent to Governor Evers.

In the letter, the reps questioned the governor’s care for the 7th congressional district since the seat has been without representation for almost a month.

Ever since Sean Duffy resigned from his seat from the 7th congressional district, the question has been who would take his place.

Governor Evers had set a date for the end of January however, state and federal laws conflicted which made the date impossible.

Republicans in our area are questioning why the governor is taking so long to pick a new date.

“He hasn’t come forward with a new date and we got things going on like the UMCA trade agreement and what could be the impeachment of the President where the 7th district needs representation for,” said Rep. Patrick Snyder (R-Schofield).

However, democrats said they aren’t worried about it.

“I think it’s political grandstanding to attack the Governor I mean he’s going to call a date he will call it soon it’s been two weeks,” said Kim Butler, Chair of the Democratic Party for the 7th congressional district.

The letter goes on to say the longer the governor avoids scheduling the election the more money it’s costing for local governments.

Democrats tell News 9 there is speculation the new date for the special election will be in April or May.

Governor Evers’ office has not returned our calls or emails asking for comment.


Victoria Saha

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