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Jury hears from daughters of alleged victim in Portage Co. trial

Portage Co. (WAOW) — The trial for a Portage Co. man accused of murdering his wife continued Tuesday.

An FBI specialist took the stand, replaying interviews she did with Krista Syphers two daughters back in November of 2017.

The mom went missing in March 2017, her husband Jason Sypher is on trial accused of killing her.

In the video interview, the daughters both said it was common for their mom to say something about leaving or come back home late after a night out.

One of the girls says after Krista went missing, Jason told her maybe she was at a party or coming back the next day and that everything would be O.K. However, it was days before he reported her missing.

One of the daughters told police she saw Jason smash an iPhone before Krista went working. It was later found in a gas station dumpster where police say

An employee with the Wisconsin Crime Lab says after tests, no fingerprints were found on the phone, however, multiple were found on the red bag it was inside and some of those matches Jason.

Courtney Terlecki

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