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Witnesses take stand in Portage Co. murder trial

Portage Co. (WAOW) — Witnesses took the stand Monday afternoon in a homicide case against a Portage Co. man.

Krista Sypher went missing back in 2017, her body has never been found. Her husband, Jason Sypher has been charged in her death.

Prosecutors say it took Jason a week to report the mother of two missing. In opening statements Monday afternoon, Portage Co. District Attorney Louis Molepske says they intend to show Jason murdered Krista several ways including GPS tracking data and a K9 that detects human remains.

“We’ll use these to prove the defendants guilt and that it was guilt with intention to cause Krista’s death and it was guilt and intention to conceal her body so that no one would ever find her,” says Molepske.

The defense argues with no body, Krista could still be alive. They also say Krista stole $30,000 from Jason before she disappeared.

“Krista has been talking about going on a vacation, been going on spring break, been going back to Florida,” said defense attorney Gary Kryshak. “So why didn’t they report it? Because they thought she took off and went away.”

Krista’s son took the stand Monday afternoon as well as police.


PORTAGE COUNTY., Wis. (WAOW) — A two-week trial for a Portage County man accused of killing his wife two years ago, starts Monday.

Jason Sypher is charged with murdering his wife, Krista Sypher, in 2017. Krista’s body was never found.

He was arrested last August, a year and a half after Sypher went missing.

Prosecutors and the defense plan to have more than 100 witnesses.

The trial starts at 8:30 a.m. each day at the Portage County Courthouse. The final day of the trial is scheduled for Oct. 25.

Neena Pacholke

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