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Mother Nature vs. the farmers as they brace for the cold

RINGLE, Wis. (WAOW) — Only having a few days of sunshine to work with, Wisconsin farmers are working overtime to stay ahead of the freezing temps.

Wisconsin farmers say the weather hasn’t been on their side this season. That has resulted in low crop production throughout the Midwest. With corn, that should be harvested at this point in the season, still in the ground.

James Juedes, a Marathon County dairy farmer, who also grows alfalfa and corn, is frustrated with mother nature. He said, “it needs more growing time and sunshine to finish the crop off.”

James said he is questioning whether or not he can risk staying in the farming business. His corn, soybeans and even potatoes are not where they need to be, all are at risk during the possible freeze. “Last year portage county alone lost $50 million worth of potato crop and if it freezes hard with the potatoes in the ground and its wet like that it’s going to destroy a whole hell of a lot more,” said Juedes.

However, farmers do have the option to take in their crops and send them to dry, but that comes with a hefty price tag. If the weather doesn’t cooperate, James may just have to let the corn sit in the field all winter long.


Amanda Lojewski

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