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Athlete of the Week: Port Edwards’ Quinton Tranel

Playing quarterback is a relatively new experience for Quinton Tranel

“I just started playing quarterback at the end of last year,” said Tranel. “Everyday at practice I just work my hardest to keep learning, cause you can never stop learning.”

It would appear that Tranel is a quick study.

Through seven games he has put up video game type numbers. He’s accounted for over 2000 total yards and 28 total touchdowns.

986 of those yards and 11 of those touchdowns have come through the air, with the remaining 1045 yards and 17 touchdowns coming on the ground.

Despite only playing the position for a few games now, Tranel’s success seems unprecedented, but when you couple his raw athleticism with his, “never say die,” attitude you can see why he puts up the numbers he does.

“A play is never broken down to me,” said Tranel. “You can always get something out of that play.”

“He’s never down until they blow the whistle,” said the Blackhawks Head Coach Max Ayres. “He’s had numerous plays where we thought he would go down, but he never did, and he’s in the endzone.”

While Tranel has proven his talent on the field, his most important contribution may be something that can’t be measured.

“Every single week, i know that he’s going to bring his a-game and you know the guys really follow him,” said Ayres. “So to have him bring his a-game every week, it really helps our team.”

Despite putting together a great solo campaign in 2019, to Tranel helping his team is more important than any stat line.

“Individual goals, i don’t really care, as long as we win,” said Tranel. “That’s all I care about. If we win conference that’s my goal, making the playoffs those are my goals.”

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