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Stevens Point park commission discusses ways to combat geese problem

STEVENS POINT (WAOW)– The city of Stevens Point is still working to combat the geese problem in two of its parks.

In a presentation given Wednesday during the parks committee meeting, an update was given on how the city tried to get the geese out of Bukolt and Pfiffner Pioneer Park over the summer.

A mix of bioacoustics and pyrotechnics were used in the parks over the summer, but those were deemed unsuccessful as the geese left, but ultimately returned.

Some of the options to fight the geese problem in a presentation given Wednesday included habitat modification, frightening devices, repellents, fertility control, capture and removal, and shooting.

“What the city is most likely to do is work with our committees here to see if there’s other practices that we want to engage in as a whole, right now tonight is mostly informational based of what we’ve done and now what direction do we go,” said Dan Kremer who is the Director of Parks, Recreation, and Forestry for the city of Stevens Point.

The committee did give the ‘ok’ to Kremer to put together an integrated plan on how the geese problem can be combated. That will be presented at a future meeting. Not one specific method on how to get rid of the geese was decided on.

Ben Zitouni

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