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Marijuana use and teens: what’s the big deal?

MARSHFIELD, Wis. (WAOW) — Marijuana use and teens, but what’s the big deal?

Jo McGuire says the big deal is people need to understand what happens to the brain when a teen uses marijuana when their brain is in its developmental phase.

She is an advocate, speaker, and writer for safe and drug-free workplaces, communities and families; but also a mother with a story to share.

“This matters to me and I am so passionate about it because I was in workplace drug and alcohol testing as a career and didn’t understand that my son had a drug problem,” said McGuire. Going on to say “my middle son has an addiction story and marijuana was his drug of choice.”

Looking back Jo says the most important thing for parents and communities to do is have this discussion with our teens, she says by not talking about it it’s just going to get worse.

Experts say, you can never be sure what exactly is in the products used by teens today. McGuire said, “our kids are using something that we don’t even know fully what it does and how it reacts to the individual.”

She not only focused on the affects marijuana use can have on a teens brain but also the popular vape pens.

“This is something that’s very addictive for kids they get very attached to even just the action of using vape pens,” said McGuire.

She wants teens to know that they are being manipulated by people who are looking for a profit.

If you missed Jo McGuire’s talk and would like to hear her, she will be in Wisconsin Rapids Tuesday October 1st at 10:45 am at 1921 27th Ave. and again at 5:30 pm at the Wisconsin Rapids Library.

Amanda Lojewski

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