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Bone marrow recipient takes donor from Germany to Packers game

The Packers-Eagles game Thursday night at Lambeau Field will have special meaning for a Plymouth woman who will be there with a man from Germany who donated the bone marrow that saved her life.

“I really wouldn’t be here without him. I mean, he saved my life, and my children wouldn’t have had me,” bone marrow transplant recipient Christy Stubbe said.

Stubbe is a single mother of three. Georg Lochner lives in Germany.

Four years ago, a health emergency brought them together.

“They told me that I had a rare form of leukemia that usually men get over the age of 65 and the only way I would survive would be to have a bone marrow transplant,” Stubbe said.

Stubbe’s relatives weren’t compatible, but Be the Match found Lochner more than 4,000 miles away in Germany.

“A good friend of me was sick, too, in 2015 and informed me about this illness,” Lochner said. “For me, it’s a heartwarming feeling to help anyone.”

“The same time I found out I was sick, he at the same time, was donating. So, you talk about timelines and God. And he’s a true miracle. Without him and without him doing that in September 2015, I wouldn’t be here,” Stubbe said.

The two met for the first time this week.

Lochner’s first trip to Wisconsin included Lake Michigan, Miller Park and the Packers-Eagles game.

“It’s very cool. I like the Packers,” Lochner said.

“He is my miracle. He’s my hero, and I will forever be grateful to him,” Stubbe said.

If you’re interested in becoming a donor, visit Be the Match.

The nonprofit DKMS also helped play a role in making the match.

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