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Wisconsin earns a “D” when it comes to keeping kids safe online

(WQOW) — A new report finds Wisconsin kids aren’t staying safe while surfing the internet.

According to Safewise, an online security company, Wisconsin ranks near the bottom of the nation when it comes to keeping kids safe online.

The study looks at laws for sexting and cyber-bullying. Points were assigned to states based on the types of laws that are currently on the books and the consequences for violating those laws. If a state has a law proposed, they got partial points.

According to the study, Wisconsin only has consequences for online harassment. Schools are also also allowed to discipline students for cyber-bullying. But those two things don’t earn Wisconsin a lot of points, thus a low grade.

Kyle Roder, a social media consultant, said there are a number of different apps, websites, and scams online that can make the digital world unsafe for kids.

Roder said if you’re allowing your child to have a cell phone plan or use the internet, it’s important to have some access to what they’re doing.

“If your child is completely blocking you, not willing to share with you what they are looking at and what they’re doing on there it could be a sign for concern,” Roder said. “It is something where maybe we want to have a little bit more input in our child’s life. The best thing that we can do is really just communicate in general.”

Roder said you should also be aware of what apps are on your child’s phone.

He said a lot of them can disguise themselves and allow kids to access online worlds intended for adults.

Click here for some tips on staying safe online.

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