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Brewers to extend protective netting in 2020

The Brewers are the latest in a run of teams announcing they’ll extend the protective netting at their ballpark.

The team said the net will be extended an additional 105 feet on the first base side, and 145 feet along the third base side.

The height of the extension will be the same as the current netting.

Extended netting has been a big topic of discussion in the MLB this season.  In May, a four year old fan was struck by a foul ball at a Cubs-Astros game.

The White Sox and Nationals have also announced they’ll extend their netting–in fact, both teams will extend their netting all the way to the foul pole.

The Brewers said their new netting will be up in time for exhibition games against the Kansas City Royals on March 23.

Brad Hanson

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