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Harley-Davidson lays off dozens of workers in ‘restructuring’

Dozens of Harley-Davidson employees were blindsided with pink slips Wednesday morning when the company announced sudden changes, multiple sources confirmed to affiliate WISN.

When asked about the changes, a company spokesperson avoided the word “layoffs” but said, “Harley-Davidson announced that it will restructure its General Merchandise organization to capitalize on growth opportunities.”

When pressed on how many employees were affected by the change, the spokesperson declined to specify.

Many of the now-former employees gathered at a Wauwatosa bar but all declined to comment on the layoffs.

One source with knowledge of the changes said the reason the former employees did not talk was because of a non-disclosure agreement.

According to Biz Times, a news partner of WISN, the General Merchandise organization saw declining revenue percentages each year since 2016, citing Harley-Davidson securities filings.

2016: 5.4 percent – $284.6 million

2017: 5.3 percent – $262.8 million

2018: 4.9 percent – $242 million

First six months of 2019: 4.6 percent – $120.1 million

Chris Watkins

Social Media & Digital Content Manager

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