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Rothschild parents can track kids’ progress in school with app

ROTHSCHILD (WAOW) — Parents can now have the option of tracking their child or children’s grades right from their phones — all with the help of an app that teachers can implement in their curriculum.

A few teachers at Rothschild Elementary have started using the Class Dojo app during their lessons. It allows them to give points to students and parents can track it all with their phone.

Stephanie Phillips’ class has a room full of third-graders eager to learn.

However, good behavior is key to a friendly classroom.

“We can set different point levels. So this week, my math class was working on voice levels, so voice levels are worth five points and I wanted to promote that this week,” Phillips said.

With the help of the Class Dojo app, Phillips can give points to students as soon as she sees good behavior.

“In the beginning of the year, I put in behaviors I wanted to see and, as the year progresses, the students get to see the behavior they want to see their classmates working on,” she said.

Kids can see their progress on the smart board and parents can see it in real-time on their phones.

“As a working parent, you think about your kids all the time. I can pop in my break and see how Brody’s doing today,” said Josh Allaman, a Rothschild parent.

Allaman said it’s a helpful way to keep communication open with parents and teachers.

If students get negative points, only the parent and student can see it in their own app.

Victoria Saha

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