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Area physician and Brewers fans react to Christian Yelich’s injury

WAUSAU, Wis. (WAOW) — Reigning NL MVP Christian Yelich fractured his kneecap on Tuesday night, and the loss is starting to sink in for some Brewers fans.

“It’s just a big loss for the Brewers,” fan Larry Dawson said. “I never saw nothing like that before with a foul ball, somebody fracturing their kneecap. I hope they can overcome it.”

Another fan said he’s devastated by the loss, and he doesn’t know if the Brewers will be as strong moving forward.

“He’s always trying to get better,” fan Larry Mirman said. “He’s always trying to improve, and that kind of thing really brings the whole team up. When somebody like that goes down that’s tough. It’s either going to be be lets win one for Christian or oh crap we’re dead. There’s no middle ground here.”

Sports Medicine Physician Chad Giles, with Marshfield Clinic said he’s not surprised that the Brewers star will miss the rest of the season.

“A lot of times with kneecap fractures there’s going to be a period of immobilization where you’re not going to be able to move the knee,” Giles said. “So you want to keep the fracture still while it heals, so there’s going to be a rehab necessary afterward which extends that period. It will heal on it’s own after simply a period of immobilization and he may not have any consequences down the road from it.”

Giles also added most kneecap injuries that he’s dealt with usually require surgery depending on the severity.

Rashad Williams

News 9 Reporter

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