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AAA: Increase in deaths following red light accidents in Wisconsin

MARATHON COUNTY (WAOW) — A report from AAA said the Badger State has seen a 150% increase in 10 years of deaths following people running red lights. In 2017, 22 people lost their lives in red light violation accidents.

While the report doesn’t link the increase to anything in particular, officials said distracted driving could be one of the factors.

“We take several crashes a month due to red light violations, stop sign violations,” said Officer Eric Lemirand with the Wausau Police Department.

Most know a yellow light means slow down, but some take it as an opportunity to speed up and beat the red.

“If you need to punch the gas to make it through the yellow light, you probably should’ve stopped,” said Officer Lemirand.

AAA in Rib Mountain also recommends practicing defensive driving.

“Before you just take off, look over and see if there’s anybody driving that might not stop or might run that red light at the last second,” said AAA Sales and Service Agent Brent Dabler.


Sarah McGrew

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