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Weston Elementary breaks ground on new additions

WESTON (WAOW) — Weston Elementary’s groundbreaking on Monday brings the largest overhaul to the school since it was built in 1969.

The additions and renovations were made possible by a referendum worth nearly $60 million passed over a year ago.

The upgrades and expansion to Weston Elementary are part of the DC Everest Area School District’s ‘Future Ready’ project.

The school’s major exterior change will be adding a new main entrance, which will no longer be on the ever-busy Camp Philips Road. Instead, it will be moving to Sternberg Ave.

The aim is to improve safety and security, as well as appearance.

“It makes us all really excited that our exterior and our physical building is going to match kind of the innovative and awesome learning experiences that we have going on, on the inside,” said Sarah Trimner, principal at Weston Elementary.

And it fits the mold.

“The public believes that building a better community starts right here. Starts at home and then it starts at elementary school and it’s just awesome to have that level of support going forward as we start construction,” said Trimner.

The project will also add a new kindergarten space, and new cafeteria with a multipurpose ‘Makers’ space, which will build nicely into their STEAM-focused curriculum.

The acronym stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math — areas of focus for the school.

The groundbreaking begins at 10 a.m. Tuesday on the southeast side of the school, facing Sternberg Ave.

Chase McNamara

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