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Muslim family says they got a $1 bill stamped with ‘No Muslim Immigrants in USA!’

A Muslim family says they were targeted by a message of hate stamped on a $1 bill.

But their story has led to an outpouring of support from their Pewaukee community.

Atiya Hasan said her son found the stamped bill when he went to get some cash from her purse.

“He brought it to me and said, ‘Mom, look at this,'” she said. “It actually says, ‘No Muslim Immigrants in USA!'”

The anti-Muslim message is literally stamped right next to George Washington’s face.

“My kids were in tears. They don’t know any other place. This is home to them. This is home to us,” Hasan said.

She and her husband are U.S. citizens who came from Pakistan more than 20 years ago.

Their four children were born in Wisconsin, one on Sept. 11, 2001.

Hasan said they were stunned by the anti-Muslim message.

“My heart burned at that time, it just burned. I was sad and overwhelmed, but also so angry,” she said.

The family believes the message was meant for them.

They think it likely came from a customer at the Milwaukee gas station owned by Hasan’s husband.

“I would think that they were targeting us,” she said.

The impact of receiving the stamped bill quickly spread in their community.

Hasan’s daughter shared their story on social media and the response was almost immediate.

Friends and neighbors, many in tears, came to their home to show their support, and family members from around the world have contacted them.

Hasan’s daughter wishes the country could move past sentiments like this.

“I don’t know how I feel, I just know that it hurts,” she said.

The Hasans said they don’t know if the timing of receiving the stamped bill is connected to the Sept. 11 anniversary.

They did not call police because there was no specific threat involved with the receiving the bill.

It was just a very direct, and they say very hurtful, anti-Muslim message.

Courtney Terlecki

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