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More families turn to homeschooling as technology evolves

WAUSAU, Wis. (WAOW) — As technology continues to evolve, a central Wisconsin family says homeschooling continues to evolve with it.

Local parents are crediting the improvements in computers and the internet to give a new approach to their kid’s education.

“It allows anybody to be able to home school at home and have a lot of things at their fingertips and a lot of resources available,” Amanda Lewis, a mother of 7 home-schooled kids said.

The concept has been around for years but Lewis claims new tech is drawing other families toward education in the comfort of their own home.

Lewis has transformed her basement into a classroom for her kids.

“According to what we saw online, there’s only like 13,000 home schoolers in the united states in the 1970’s as opposed to now there’s 2.3 million so it’s definitely increased in population and popularity,” Lewis said.

Her kids telling News 9 they love doing work with their mom as their teacher as well as creating their own schedule.

“Some days you don’t feel like doing math right at 8 in the morning and so sometimes, how you’re feeling is able to dictate how your day works,” Elias Lewis, who is home-schooled said.

What about those who may choose home schooling for safety? In spite of a rise in school shootings, the Lewis family has not met anyone that started homeschooling because of it.

“I don’t personally know anybody who home schools because of fear. But fear isn’t a great premise for anything. I see more people opting out and choosing homeschooling just because of educational purposes, world view purposes, efficiency purposes,” Amanda said.

Amanda added that if there is a subject she is not confident to teach her students, there are many services online she can incorporate into her planning.

For more information on homeschooling, the Lewis family recommends this site.

Neena Pacholke

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