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Lambeau Field’s new concession items: NFL fans can expect to pay more

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) – Lambeau Field showed off its newest concession items on Tuesday, ahead of Sunday’s first home game of the regular season.

All the items bring out the true essence of Wisconsin, but Action 2 News also looked at prices, comparing them to other NFL stadiums which have made big cuts to some of their items.

The Packers’ foodservice partner, Delaware North, is offering more than 12 new items on the menu this year.

“This is our sliced sausage hoagie, so this is if you can’t decide if you want a brat or an Italian or an Andouille, it’s all in there together. It’s kind of a chili cheesesteak or a sausage hoagie,” said Heath Barbato, Executive Chef for Delaware North at Lambeau Field.

Prices for the latest items vary. For example, a stir fry noodle bowl with a chicken skewer is $13.00 and the pretzel wrapped brat is $8.00.

According Team Marketing Report, once the Atlanta Falcons debuted lower prices in 2016, other teams have felt the pressure to do the same. The Lions’ Ford Field is staying aggressive with $10 combos and $5 beers.

“We are trying to stay competitive from that standpoint, but at this time we’re not looking to lower pricing. I think we’ve always stayed competitive within the NFL,” said Eric Babcook, assistant general manager at Lambeau Field.

To compare prices, a family of four visiting Atlanta’s Mercedes Benz Stadium and buying hot dogs plus a tub of popcorn will spend $8.00, and if you add a couple low-priced beers it’s $18.00.

At Lambeau Field, it’s $16.50 for four hot dogs and a tub of popcorn, and if you add two beers, it’s a total of $28.50.

The Packers said they offer a variety of options for every price point or diet.

“With the different service styles that we have now, we’re actually able to expand the menu, so it’s been great so we can actually offer, if it’s a caesar wrap or if it’s a fresh, made-to-order order salads, we definitely have those throughout the stadium,” said Babcook.

If you’re looking for a healthier option, maybe things like dairy free or gluten free, the Packers recommend you download their app which will help you find those items throughout the stadium.

Courtney Terlecki

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