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Olympic Gold Medalist Tyler George in Wausau

Men’s Curling Olympic Gold Medalist Tyler George is in Wausau to help support the Wausau Curling Club and its members. George won the gold at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games.

“Getting to represent your country with your sport is something you can’t really describe,” George said.

The same year he won the medal he also ended up retiring. Now he is an ambassador for USA Curling and gets to travel to country promoting the sport.

“Basically anything that helps clubs around the country, whether they are established or growing. Promote the sport, learn-to-curl events, speaking engagements meet and greets, school appearances, anything that helps curling in areas we are in,” George said.

While he’s been traveling the country, his stop this week was in Wausau. He took a trip to the Wausau Curling Club and then participated in the club’s 12th Annual Benefit Golf Outing.

George only had good things to say about the curling center in Wausau.

“It’s a beautiful facility here. The seating arrangement they have here is fantastic. People are really excited about curling down here, so hopefully I’ll get to spend more time here,” George said.

“Tyler is on a hole called ‘Beat the Olympian,'” said Tara Schessler, Wausau Curling Club Recruitment Chair. “A way for him to come out and be an ambassador for USA curling and curling as a sport and support local curling clubs like Wausau Curling Club.”

George’s golf outing gave him a chance to talk with local curlers.

“To see what our achievement has meant to the individual curlers and club members and also just for curling in the country as a whole,” George said. “It’s not something we could have ever imagined. We knew it’d be big, but how far it’s gone is beyond anything we’ve ever anticipated.”

Sydney Jones

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