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Authorities say parents should monitor teen social media use

WAUSAU(WAOW)— Social media use for teens continues to rise, and local authorities say Snapchat in particular should be monitored by parents.

According to Pew Research Center, Snapchat dominates in usage among the youngest monitored age groups compared to adults 30 years of age or older.

Plenty of companies offer parental control software for kids’ devices but it comes with a price.

So by familiarizing yourself with the apps ,including Snapchat, parents can be ahead of the game.

According to School Resource Officer Jeff Schremp from Wausau West High School, the first step is establishing trust with your child and that having a cell phone is a privilege.

“Parents should have passwords, they should have the right to get into a phone. And not, say, go search your kids phone every week.  But have the possibility that if you ever suspect something might be going on, that you can get that phone,” said Schremp.

And he says keeping tabs on their Facebook isn’t as enough, he encourages parents have their own Snapchat and utilize its tools.

Not only to know and monitor what your teen might be doing on the app, but taking advantage of the mapping feature which can track their location.

“You can pull up its mapping feature see, O’ there still at work, or now they’re at ‘so and so’s’ house because it shows on the map this is where they’re at. Its really a great way to keep tabs on your child,” said Schremp.

Parents wanting to learn the basics of different social media platforms and it’s functions can visit

The site dedicated to help parents understand apps, like Snapchat, heavily used by teens.

Chase McNamara

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