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After the passing of a Stevens Point K-9, mycologists are digging deeper into this case

STEVENS POINT Wis. (WAOW) — Luna, a K9 with the Stevens Point Police Department, died after eating a toxic mushroom while off duty.

The Fox Valley Animal Referral Center originally believed Luna ate what’s known as the ‘Death Cap’ mushroom, but experts don’t believe that to be the case.

Tom Volk a mycologist for UW-La Crosse said, “it’s not a native species to North America.”

However it was a close cousin known as the ‘Death Angel’. Terese Barta, a biology professor at UW Stevens Point, said the mushrooms are so similar they even have the same kind of toxin. According to Volk the mushroom is pure white that has a ring around the stalk when it opens.

Despite the dangers, experts said death by poisonous mushrooms are rare. But when exposure does happen, whether a human or dog, it’s important to get to a doctor or vet as soon as possible.

Amanda Lojewski

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