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Athlete of the Week: Wausau East’s Donovan Leverette

The Wausau East Lumberjacks are 2-0 for the first time since 2004.

It was just three years ago that the Lumberjacks didn’t win a single game. Two years ago, they won just one.

But now they’re rolling, thanks in large part to our Athlete of the Week, Donovan Leverette.

“The feeling around this program is great. Around school, everyone’s esctatic. The team has more energy than ever. We’re all just boosting up with each other’s energy, and coach’s energy is pushing us a lot,” Leverette said.

The senior running back is stuffing the stat sheet thus far.

In two games, he’s rushed for a total of 431 yards on 33 carries–a 13 yard per carry average.

He’s also scored five touchdowns.

“I’m just hitting the holes the linemen are giving me. They’re giving me pretty big holes to hit, and I’m hitting them, and just trying to get to the open field, and then I hit the secondary,” Leverette said.

“Donovan is a triple threat. Number one, he’s a blocker, he’s a runner and he’s a receiver. Very unselfish, and very accountable, and has just improved tremendously as a young man overall,” Head Coach Kevin Grundy said.

Leverette’s legs are clearly leading the team on the field. But he’s also doing plenty of leading off the field.

Said Leverette, “I try to communicate with my teammates as much as possible. See if they are up to date with our plays and our game plan with the week we have ahead of us. And just make sure everyone’s in the right head before the game.”

“We like to think that you’re a positive, powerful presence. And if you want to see something positive, say something positive. And that’s what it’s been. It’s always saying something positive, it’s approaching every play with effort, and working extremely hard,” said Grundy.

The 2-0 Lumberjacks take on Mosinee Friday night.

Brad Hanson

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