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Kids head back to school, renewing the importance of bus safety

WESTON (WAOW) — School buses are back on the roads slowing down commuters to ensure safe travels for the little ones.

With school back in full swing, the months of school buses missing from the roads during the are now in the rear-view mirror.

It also serves as an important reminder to slow down and remember the basics. For example, when the buses’ amber lights come on, it’s a warning.

The bus will stopping within 100 to 300 feet, depending on how fast it’s traveling.

By law, when the stop sign comes out and the bus is at a complete stop, traffic in both directions must stop.

Officials remind that it’s important to allow some extra time during commutes and be patient, as well as giving the bus space.

“You don’t want to that person … cutting [drivers] off, and potentially creating tragedy. Things can change in the blink of an eye, and why would you take that risk?” Sean McCue, a dispatcher for Lamers Weston.

“Don’t tailgate, give the bus some room. When you do come to a stop, when the bus is unloading or loading, give the bus at least 20 feet. Keep some distance,” said McCue.

Chase McNamara

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