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Residents in Rib Mountain voice their concerns over gerrymandering

RIB MOUNTAIN (WAOW)– Residents gathered on Thursday to express their concern over gerrymandering in Wisconsin and how important fair district maps are in the badger state.

Representatives from Citizen Action Wisconsin led the discussion about the issue.

They say whether your’e a Republican or Democrat the issue of fair maps is important.

“The reason that its important is because our system is based on one person one vote. Right now we really don’t have that because different people in different parts of the state their votes weigh differently because of where they’ve been drawn in or drawn out,” said Hans Breitenmoser with Citizen Action.

In Wisconsin, 47 counties have passed a fair maps resolution, 8 counties and one town have passed a fair maps referendum.

More information about Fair Maps Wisconsin can be found here.

Ben Zitouni

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