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Kickball Tournament Raises Money for St. Jude

On Saturday 16 teams gathered at Athletic Park in Wausau to compete in a kickball tournament. Which begs the question, why did the event organizers decide on playing kickball.

“Well we’re not every athletic,” said event organizer Bryan Scott. “So we thought well what can we do to have everybody get together have some fun and raise a lot of money so we thought kickball.”

As Scott alluded to, this wasn’t just any kickball tournament, this was an event in which all the proceeds were donated to St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

“For us to be able to give back and know that there’s somebody in our community that benefiting from it, it means a lot to us,” said Scott.

“We’re playing for Claire,” said Chandra Lynn, another organizer of the event. “She’s a nine year old from Wausau that’s getting treatment right now. So she’s the big motivation behind me and the rest of everyone that donated money.”

Events like this that are held all over the world and continue to ensure kids like Claire will receive the treatment they need, without the family ever seeing a bill.

“I get pretty emotional talking about it,” said Lynn. “So i don’t wanna talk about it too much, but it’s neat to see a lot of people show up and do all of this for her and everybody else at St. Jude.”

So while only one team took home the first place trophy,  everyone that hit the field on Saturday should be considered winners.

“It’s just amazing this community and central Wisconsin in itself, beyond St. Jude they are just such supportive people,” said Lynn.

Alex Stewart

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