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Researchers claim new blood test can predict if you will die in next 10 years

(WQOW) – Researchers say a new blood test could predict if you will die in the next decade and they say it is more than 80 percent accurate.

The study, shared by Nature Communications, looks at 14 factors in a person’s blood like glucose, fat and immunity.

In the research, 44,168 people between the age of 18-109, were tested. Each person was given a score from -2 to 3. The higher the number the more likely the person was to die sooner.

Of those, 5,512 died during the followup. Of the 5,512, 83% of the people died when predicted.

The researchers say currently doctors can predict whether patient is going to die within a year, but the risk level over a 10-year span is much more difficult.

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