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CTK: Mosinee embracing their “FREAK” philosophy

There’s a philosophy around the Mosinee football team that might make you think you heard it wrong.

Their embracing a philosophy that you may find freaky.

Probably, because that philosophy is “FREAK”.

“F is for family, R is for being right here right now. E is embracing the edge. So if adversity strikes, we just smile back. A is above the line, so responding in a disciplined manner. And then K is keep it simple. The more complicated you make the game of football, the more difficult it’s gonna be,” said Head Coach Craig Martens.

But unlike the version of the word that divides and degrades, this version of FREAK has brought this team closer together.

“We’re a lot tighter than I think we realized at first. When we finally got to know each other, it’s that we are a family as we do say,” said senior defensive tackle John Kress.

“It’s a close knit group of guys who truly care about each other. And it’s not just something they say, it’s something they do,” Martens added.

After back to back losses in level one of the playoffs, Mosinee is hungry to prove their FREAK philosophy can carry them to much higher highs.

“That motivates me a ton, and the team a ton too. The last few years we’ve been struggling to get over the hump of level one and we just want that plaque, we want to see it when we come back later. We want to see our legacy in our school,” said senior quarterback Trey Fitzgerald.

Mosinee opens up their season Friday night at home against Berlin.

Brad Hanson

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