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Skiers get ready for the winter with preseason workouts

RIB MOUNTAIN (WAOW)– Skiers are getting ready for the season with weekly sessions of preseason workouts.

Starting Wednesdays, skiing workouts will be held at Doepke Park from 5:30 p.m. – 7 p.m. The workouts will run until it snows or weather permits.

The sessions will consist of walking, running and bounding with ski poles. Participants are asked to bring their shortest pair of poles, and running or trail shoes.

There will also be group stretching and balance exercises, as well as strength exercises with stretch bands, medicine balls and kettle bells.

The goal of the workouts is to get people physically ready for the skiing season.

“To allow our club members to be a little more fit so when they got on skis they’d feel more comfortable, ski more effectively, and most importantly be less likely to get injured,” said Gary Zimbric, the President of the Wausau Nordic Ski Club.

More information about the workouts can be found here.

Ben Zitouni

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