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Residents with disabilities participate in annual “Adaptive Kayaking” event

STEVENS POINT WAOW)- More than 100 participants went home Wednesday afternoon smiling and fulfilled.

The splash of the water is something many of us easily take for granted. However, for participants at the Adaptive Kayak event a splash is everything to them.

“It’s very peaceful very relaxed and you get to enjoy nature,” said Susie Speckman-Haeil.

Many of the participants suffer from disabilities that stop them from activities as simple as kayaking.

“Due to multiple sclerosis I can’t stand independently anymore and it’s nice because they have volunteers that will get you in and out of the kayak,” Susie said.

Thanks to Dive Point Scuba for providing the kayaks and Midstate Independent Living Choices each person was able to enjoy the water for free.

“Everywhere you go someone has gone kayaking at some point so we want to make sure we are doing our best to make activities that are all inclusive and that are adaptive for anyone to come,” said Eric Riskus the director of the independent living program.

This was the 15th annual  Adaptive Kayak event and organizers told News 9 the event is a success every year.

Victoria Saha

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