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CTK: Marshfield Tigers have hope amidst turnover

It’s a rebuilding year for Marshfield. The Tigers are basically starting from square one after making a deep playoff run in 2018.

“It’s not like we can go recruit from another school and bring a bunch of stud athletes in,” head coach Dennis Goettl said. “We are what we are and we just have to coach a little bit harder.”

Goettl believes there’s enough leadership on the team to accomplish the goals they have set.

“You know, the guys are taking the bull by the horns and they are leading like crazy, doing a lot of good things,” Goettl said. “This summer was good. They had a group of kids together working, so it’ll make it easy on them that way when they have to get together and play together.”

The main concern right now: the defense is way ahead of the offense.

“Defensively it’s just a little bit easier to learn the scheme,” linebacker Ben Gust said. “There are not that many play calls. There are a lot of blitzes and pressure, so that’s hard for the first two weeks or so, but once you get the hang of them they don’t change.”

However, there is lots of change for the offense. They’re a lot younger, and have a brand new quarterback.

“There’s always pressure,” quarterback Joey Goettl said. “It’s a big step up to be a leader for all the guys that are on the offense. It’s harder because everyone is looking up to you, so you always want to be positive and be that guy to help out everybody else.”

Amidst all the change, one thing has stayed the same.

“Everybody has goals to win your conference and make it to the playoffs and that’s kind of where we set our goals each and every year,” Dennis said.

It all starts with week one on the road against Appleton West.

Alexis Geffin

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