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CTK: SPASH looking for bounce back after disappointing 2018 season

The SPASH Panthers are ready to put 2018 in the past for good.

“Anytime you don’t make the playoffs, it’s a disappointment,” said Head Coach Pete McAdams

The Panthers limped to a 3-6 record last season, their first losing season since 2011.

But each new year is a clean slate, and the Panthers are looking forward to proving last year was just a blip on the radar.

“We’re moving forward, and each year is a new group of kids. We’ve got to find our identity. Right now, we don’t know what we’re all about. And so as we’ve gone through these first couple weeks of practice, we’ve been learning. But the truth will be told Friday night,” McAdams said.

Without a solid identity, McAdams has been preaching playing hard and playing together.  Those qualities will be even more important, since SPASH is missing most of their top contributors from a year ago.

But they don’t think it’ll be an issue.

“The first thing I noticed right away is we have a lot of heart. We have a lot of guys ready to fight for this team, and it makes me excited to play for a team like this,” said Eli Strong, a senior offensive lineman.

The Panthers face perhaps one of the toughest non-conference slates in the state to start their year.  But they’re confident they can weather the storm and compete for another conference title for their storied program.

“It’s just about taking every day, one at a time. Taking every rep like it’s your last. Getting better together. We try to focus on every day, just getting better every day. Focusing on that. The x’s and o’s will kinda balance out if we just stay together, stay as a team,” Strong said.

The Panthers head to Appleton North for week one on Friday.

Brad Hanson

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