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Plover mother convicted of child abuse sentenced Tuesday

WOOD COUNTY (WAOW) — A Plover mother accused of tampering with her child’s feeding tube to make it seem like she was sick was sentenced Tuesday morning to nine months in jail followed by eight years probation thereafter.

Holly Fields, 25, was convicted of physical abuse of a child.

Police say in August of 2018 Fields was worried her 10-month-old baby wasn’t gaining weight. Doctors put a feeding tube in the baby to get proper nutrients.

Police say surveillance video shows Fields was taking liquid from the feeding tube and squirting it onto the baby’s face to make it look like the baby was throwing up.

Part of Fields’ eight-year probation immediately following her jail time includes 200 hours of community service, parenting classes, supervised contact with other children and paid restitution of Badger Care.

Chris Watkins

Social Media & Digital Content Manager

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